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Latest News

Deer and Elk Workshop — May 2017

Workshop will be held in Sun Valley, Idaho from May 1-4, 2017.
More information at WAFWA.org

Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists — June 2017

Meeting will be held in Moscow, Idaho from June 20-24, 2017.
More information at MammalMeetings.org

2017 ICTWS Annual Meeting Highlights

Thank you to all who made our meeting a success this year. We socialized, exchanged ideas, shared knowledge, and welcomed new members. In case you missed the 2017 ICTWS/ICAFS joint meeting in Boise, Idaho, visit our History page.

2018 ICTWS Annual Meeting

The 2018 ICTWS Annual Meeting will be held in eastern Idaho, likely in February and/or March. More details will follow once a venue and theme are solidified.

Header Photo: Forester Moth - Jon Dudley | ICTWS collage - Dave Musil
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