Drawing by Dave Musil

Meeting Schedule

March 5th - Working Group Meetings
and Welcome Social

Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership: 8am - 5pm

Contact Jay Carlisle for further information or check back on the ICTWS website for a meeting agenda.

Idaho Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC): 2pm - 5pm

Contact Chuck Peterson for further information or check back on the ICTWS website for a meeting agenda.

Idaho Bat Working Group: 8am - 12pm

Contact Rita Dixon for additional information or check the ICTWS website for updates in the weeks leading up to the meeting.

Welcome Social will be held in the Taghee/Tendoy Room from 6:15pm - 8:00pm.

This kickoff event will have food and beverages available for those attendees. This is a great opportunity to have some facetime with your colleagues and meet new members.

March 6th - Plenary and Special Sessions

Plenary Session 8am - 11:30am

Keeping in line with our theme focused on the future of the wildlife profession, our plenary speakers will be presenting the future of our field from a variety of perspectives: from operating in a world of changing policies, to maintaining a positive perception with the public to new and emerging technologies. We will have a great panel to lead us in a conversation about where our field is going and how we can be involved in creating that trajectory. Our invited speakers include members of university faculty, state and federal agency heads as well as NGO directors to give us a variety of insight into where our profession is going and how we can foster positive change.

Special Session - Citizen Science and Crowdsourced Data 2pm - 5:00pm

With new technology innovation and collaboration has now been made easier than ever. This session will focus on the newly emerging trend in citizen science and crowdsource based data collection, how to use it and lessons learned from those who are already actively utilizing this tool.

Paper Presentations (20-minute talks) 2pm - 5pm

Student / Professional Mixer and Poster Presentations 6:15 - 9:30

The Chapter has seen a rise in interest and participation from our TWS student chapters in recent years and we would like to encourage them and other student members in pursuing a career in our field. As they are the future of our profession please join us in a social mixer to network with colleagues and mingle with students and other early career members. This mixer is incredibly dynamic and entertaining so please join us for a meal and drink!

March 7 - Paper Presentations (20 minute talks and Ignite Sessions) 8am - 12pm / 2pm - 5pm

Business Luncheon 12pm - 2pm

Please join the Executive Committee at the Annual Business Luncheon as we discuss the achievements of the Chapter and begin to chart our path for the coming years. We have several very important topics to discuss at this meeting and lunch is provided so please join us in making these critical decisions.

ICTWS Banquet 6:30pm - 11:00pm

As the culmination to our Annual Meeting please join us for our Annual Banquet. We will have our awards ceremony to recognize members of the Chapter for their hard work and dedication, and conduct our auction to raise funds for student scholarships.

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