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Dear ICTWS Members --

Planning for the 2017 ICTWS Conference is in full swing! Our conference will be located in Boise and will be co-hosted with the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. The date of the conference is February 28 to March 3, 2017. This is the second consecutive annual meeting that ICTWS has co-hosted with another professional society!

The theme for the 2017 meeting is "Common Ground: Where Land and Water Meet." All topics in wildlife, vertebrate biology, habitat management, conservation programs and practices, and application of research findings to conservation and management practices are welcome. The request for contributed papers and poster abstracts is available now. Please check out this website for details. The deadline for contributed papers or poster abstracts is November 28, 2016.

Don't have a paper or poster to present but would like to be involved in the conference? Volunteers are needed! If you are interested in assisting with the conference please contact Anna Owsiak. The tasks we need help with are varied and you can contribute as much or as little time as you can afford.

I am looking forward to another successful joint conference this winter. Please stay tuned for more information as we get closer to February!


Aren Eddingsaas
Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society

2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 meeting will be in Boise at the Boise Center (formerly called the Boise Center on the Grove) on February 28-March 3, 2017. The annual meeting is being held jointly with the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

There will be an Ignite Session offered during the 2017 Meeting. Ignite talks offer conference attendees an opportunity to hear about project updates, notes from the field, good work being done, or other topics that don't need a full 20-minute presentation. Each Ignite talk is 5 minutes and utilizes automatic slide progression to keep the presentation moving forward and within the time slot. Topics can be inspirational, funny, or informative but all should strive to be engaging and entertaining. Please consider participating to make the Ignite session successful!

pdf file Call for Papers and Posters Abstracts

pdf file Ignite! at the 2017 Meeting

ICTWS Members

The abstracts from the 2016 ICTWS Joint Conference have been published in the Northwestern Naturalist.

At the 2014 ICTWS meeting we had someone videotape both the plenary session on the history of the chapter as well as the "Working Together" symposium. These videos are now available to the membership via www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt-O2UCcvHHEzU3HriTroEZ_bF9B3k91P.

There are 4 total videos. Two of the videos are from the Plenary and the other 2 are from the "Working Together" symposium. Please feel free to share this link with others who may be interested.

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